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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Berlin Fashion Week Designers with Different


Known for its creative knitted creations. Designer inspired fashion oeh objects old and traditional costumes. Collection of Boessert / Schorn produced using knitting and dyeing techniques (yes ... could be called handmade / handicrafts). If we Seeing, then it sounded like a melancholy that still uphold modernization. Here's the kicker? The work they've been featured in Paris Fashion Week, Tokyo, New York. Cool it!


Two designers, Katja Schlegel and Kai Seifried (hard to read the name of a stranger ya ... afraid the spelling wrong). Then what the heck artynya starstyling? The bottom line-minded anyway, hit-and-color, dynamic graphics and games! Beuuh .. deh cool, simple but make amazed, because they dared to mix and match colors contrast so pretty sight. Besides their creativity also deserves thumbs up, because there are some costumes that made ​​"Glow in the Dark" giu. Their collection very popular among the K-pop and been featured in Italian Vogue magazine page you know!


This is a favorite fashion show honored by visitors who saw the Berlin Fashion Show this. You see, Brigitte duo Franken and Christian Bruns produce a futuristic work titled "I'm not a robot". Clothing which they show is just right for us-we want to look glamorous with a gown that not complicated and there are some clothes that "shine" like moonlight. Uniquely them, on the sidelines dresses, they attach a LED bulb that shines in the dim light.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Six Collection Latest Clothing & Accessories Shoe.hoe

Brand accessories from Indonesia, Shoe.hoe re-launch the latest collection. Besides accessories, brand fronted by Soetjipto Hoeijaja it also released a collection of men's and women's lines and No'mi No'om.

1. Theme
For the winter collection 2011, Soetjipto Hoeijaja took the theme 'Culture's Confession'. This theme describes the relationship between people with such a fellow as well as with the surrounding environment, culture and more.
2. Red line
In a similar theme, the collection soe.hoe (bags and accessories), no'om (menswear) and no'mi (women's clothing) have unity of inspiration and the red line character designs are similar.

3. Chinese culture
The collection takes its natural and cultural nuances that thick Asia, especially China. Can be seen in the collection and no'mi no'om using mao collar (mandarin collar) and the cheongsam.

4. man
For the men's collection, mao collar blazer comes with a modern yet with a leather accessory ingredients. This ornament became iconic display for this season.

5. woman
As for women, the whole collection takes inspiration from menswear but continued to show the nature of a sexy and elegant woman.

6. flagship store
All three labels (no'om, no'mi and soe.hoe) can be found at two flagship store is located at Level One Grand Indonesia. The first flagship store (soe.hoe) will be devoted to the various bags and accessories, while the second will offer a clothing boutique men and women (no'om and no'mi).

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Amy Winehouse Collection for Fred Perry

Coinciding with the launch of her latest album, 'Lioness: Hidden Treasures', Fred Perry clothing range also released results of its cooperation with Amy Winehouse. What kind of collection?

As reported previously, the label Fred Perry collaboration with singer Amy Winehouse has long heard. But the British label, the new showcase fashion collection on Monday (5/12/2011) and then, starting from 9 am.

According jusru talk of a brand known for its polo-style shirts teenage Skinhead music adherents in the years '60 and '70an, this collection reflects the love of Amy with 'Fifties Americana' and 'Art Deco Miami'. Therefore, Amy presents a picture clothing with style in the 50s such as Cadillac cars, juke boxes and cat-rimmed sunglasses.

Some other fashion collection consisted of employer twinset, gingham pattern, pencil skirts and capri pants. Brand himself said that Amy is very excited about this collaborative project.

"Amy is very loving and dedicated to this collaboration and Amy characteristic very clearly visible on each dress," said a spokeswoman for Fred Perry.

Amy Winehouse fashion collection for Fred Perry sold at prices ranging from 30 to 195 pounds. All collections whose profits will be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, sold exclusively at the official website of Fred Perry.
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