Fashion Show: Fashion goes Regimental: the Military Trend

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fashion goes Regimental: the Military Trend

Military fashion the sign that fashionistas are all set to don social armor. Fashion outfits in khaki, green, and olive commands the seasons attention with patterns reflecting the military uniform.
Fashion is like a wave trying to catch something on the sand. It keeps evolving, morphing, and shifting constantly into something new; every time.
Military trend was initially popularized during the 60s, only as a protest to the Vietnam War. Later the craze spread rapidly as a mode of fashion; with the hippies taking all its credit. Trench coats, berets, and jackets have enjoyed seasons of popularity in the past, and camouflage was a hot favorite; especially for teenagers. Now, the military trend has made a come back. This trend is seen in various formal dresses. Trends of military fashion for 2010 are mostly inspired by the military uniforms of the 20th century.

Basic shades for this trend are brown and green. Grey and green are the hues that dominate the scene with other shades of blue and black. Napoleon styled jackets with high stand collars, hussar influenced garments with a gold border, and admiral coats with an air of command in it; military craze makes its unique fashion statement. Army green is seen in cropped shearling collared coats and loose fitting cargo pants.
Women generally do not prefer a boxy look or the hard military look as in mens style. Buckles, snaps, and fringes are included in their apparel. Luxurious and feminine military type leather jackets for women are available in soft leather with patches. This offers both warmth and luxury, and includes a beautiful plaid design inside.
Military Fashion is for men too!
This military craze is not just womens stuff. Its for men too! Military outfits make the smartest buys for the season, and they never go out of style. A military cargo pant made from cotton slub twill gives a vintage feel, making an integral part of a mens wardrobe.
The cargo offers a perfect formal look, and when off-duty, can also be paired with layers of long-sleeve crew neck tees, and rugged extras. A mock neck cardigan is a bang on this trend when paired with a thin sweater underneath and a blazer top. Keeping everything in a single hue is a of-the-moment way to reinforce the military fashion trend.

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