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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Women's tuxedo : fashion trend

The women's tuxedo has been blurring the gender divide for years. Some call it an evening gown alternative, while others have tagged it as sophisticated glamour. Thanks to Yves Saint Laurent, who gave birth to le smoking in the 1960s, this androgynous ensemble has now become a womenswear classic and very much a wardrobe staple. But not one that is without the potential for reinterpretation.

The women's tuxedo trend trumpet last blew out in 2008 when we saw a fountain of celebrities donning the look. Now, with 2012 on the horizon, we're seeing the trend make a flashing comeback with a whole lot of mischief, seduction and femininity - but this time it's different. It has evolved.

Read on to see how to master this look and find out which pieces are worth investing in so you don't look like you're living 2008 all over again. Don't forget that if you'd like stay updated with all the latest trends and how to wear them.

 Women's tuxedo at Ruffian A/W '11

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