Fashion Show: Armed Forces Fashion for Men Comes Full Circle

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Armed Forces Fashion for Men Comes Full Circle

 Has it actually come full circle, rising from the ashes instead of settling into the dust of the battlefields where it was shot down? It certainly seems that way.

After being a dominant trend for the better part of the past decade men's military fashion is back to exactly where it started.

You need only take a look over the street style photos to come out of Europe over the past weeks to see that men's military fashion continues as a dominant theme amongst summer 2011's trends. The thing is, it's a great deal different from the last time we indulged in this style.

 That difference comes down to the cut of the military cloth that gents are wearing this summer. Instead of the Great War / Second World War style we came to wear across 2009 and 2010, summer 2011's take on men's military is rooted in the style of basic, mid-20th century military clothing. Where epaulettes were once embellished, they are now crisp and green. Dress trousers have been replaced by cargo pants. The reds and blues have been replaced by military green and camouflage print. In short, the traditional, full dress uniform has made way for the functional military clothing that started the whole trend back in 2001.

Full circle indeed.

 All of the photos above were taken by Streetfsn.

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