Fashion Show: Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Show

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Show

Dolce & Gabbana
FALL 2010
MILAN, February 28, 2010
When you strip away the facade and the fandango of fashion, what's left that matters? In many ways, those soul-searching questions are the subtext of the season, as the industry strives to re-anchor itself in fundamental values after a decade spent sucking up to celebrities and, increasingly, pumping out overpriced pseudo luxury made in China. In Milan, Dolce & Gabbana marshaled their response to the call for authenticity and a reconnection with every woman who's been a frustrated, alienated shopper over the past few years: Simply, yet movingly, they showed their classics, and how they make them.

In a video, Domenico Dolce was seen expertly running tailor's tacks into the lapel of a jacket in the studio—as he learned at the knee of his Sicilian tailor father—while Stefano Gabbana sketched, took measurements, and finished one of the curvaceous Italianate sex-bomb dresses the pair made their own 20 years ago. Alone, those scenes could have been self-aggrandizing, but the real kicker was the way the designers handed over the spotlight to the skilled, white-coated women and men in their ateliers who craft their product.

At the end, as at the Marc Jacobs show in New York, it had hard-bitten members of the audience running backstage with tears in their eyes. Dolce & Gabbana are facade maintainers and fandango-dancers with the best of them, but they hit a nerve in making the information in this show intimate and personal, as well as instantly available across the globe via live streaming. Perhaps the level of that exposure cuts out the need for too much explanation of the looks they put out. Aficionados will note the very new: the fact that quite a large proportion of the dresses and suits were knitted. But what really matters? That what Dolce & Gabbana does remains, immaculately, the same—and there's evidently still so much enjoyment and passion in the making of it.

DOLCE and GABBANA Runway Fashion Photos
Fall 2008 Milan Men's Collection

dolce_gabbana_maw08_001 dolce_gabbana_maw08_002 dolce_gabbana_maw08_003 dolce_gabbana_maw08_004 dolce_gabbana_maw08_005 dolce_gabbana_maw08_006 dolce_gabbana_maw08_007
dolce_gabbana_maw08_008 dolce_gabbana_maw08_009 dolce_gabbana_maw08_011 dolce_gabbana_maw08_013 dolce_gabbana_maw08_015 dolce_gabbana_maw08_016 dolce_gabbana_maw08_017
dolce_gabbana_maw08_018 dolce_gabbana_maw08_020 dolce_gabbana_maw08_021 dolce_gabbana_maw08_024 dolce_gabbana_maw08_025 dolce_gabbana_maw08_027 dolce_gabbana_maw08_029
dolce_gabbana_maw08_030 dolce_gabbana_maw08_031 dolce_gabbana_maw08_032 dolce_gabbana_maw08_033 dolce_gabbana_maw08_034 dolce_gabbana_maw08_035 dolce_gabbana_maw08_036
dolce_gabbana_maw08_037 dolce_gabbana_maw08_038 dolce_gabbana_maw08_039 dolce_gabbana_maw08_041 dolce_gabbana_maw08_043 dolce_gabbana_maw08_044 dolce_gabbana_maw08_045
dolce_gabbana_maw08_046 dolce_gabbana_maw08_048 dolce_gabbana_maw08_049 dolce_gabbana_maw08_050 dolce_gabbana_maw08_051 dolce_gabbana_maw08_052 dolce_gabbana_maw08_054
dolce_gabbana_maw08_062 dolce_gabbana_maw08_063 dolce_gabbana_maw08_064 dolce_gabbana_maw08_065 dolce_gabbana_maw08_066 dolce_gabbana_maw08_067 dolce_gabbana_maw08_068
dolce_gabbana_maw08_084 dolce_gabbana_maw08_085 dolce_gabbana_maw08_086 dolce_gabbana_maw08_087 dolce_gabbana_maw08_088 dolce_gabbana_maw08_089 dolce_gabbana_maw08_090
dolce_gabbana_maw08_091 dolce_gabbana_maw08_092 dolce_gabbana_maw08_094 dolce_gabbana_maw08_095 dolce_gabbana_maw08_096 dolce_gabbana_maw08_097 dolce_gabbana_maw08_098
dolce_gabbana_maw08_099 dolce_gabbana_maw08_100 dolce_gabbana_maw08_101 dolce_gabbana_maw08_102 dolce_gabbana_maw08_103 dolce_gabbana_maw08_104 dolce_gabbana_maw08_105
dolce_gabbana_maw08_106 dolce_gabbana_maw08_107 dolce_gabbana_maw08_110 dolce_gabbana_maw08_112 dolce_gabbana_maw08_113 dolce_gabbana_maw08_114 dolce_gabbana_maw08_115
dolce_gabbana_maw08_116 dolce_gabbana_maw08_117 dolce_gabbana_maw08_118 dolce_gabbana_maw08_119 dolce_gabbana_maw08_121 dolce_gabbana_maw08_122 dolce_gabbana_maw08_123
dolce_gabbana_maw08_124 dolce_gabbana_maw08_125 dolce_gabbana_maw08_126 dolce_gabbana_maw08_127 dolce_gabbana_maw08_128 dolce_gabbana_maw08_129 dolce_gabbana_maw08_130
dolce_gabbana_maw08_131 dolce_gabbana_maw08_132 dolce_gabbana_maw08_133 dolce_gabbana_maw08_134 dolce_gabbana_maw08_135 dolce_gabbana_maw08_136 dolce_gabbana_maw08_137
dolce_gabbana_maw08_138 dolce_gabbana_maw08_139 dolce_gabbana_maw08_140 dolce_gabbana_maw08_141 dolce_gabbana_maw08_142 dolce_gabbana_maw08_143 dolce_gabbana_maw08_144
dolce_gabbana_maw08_145 dolce_gabbana_maw08_146 dolce_gabbana_maw08_147

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