Fashion Show: Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week coming soon

Friday, May 21, 2010

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week coming soon

CIBELES MADRID FASHION Tour, the grand forum for the promotion and presentation of Spanish design, an business organised by IFEMA, has avowed the dates for its second edition of the interval. The next edition of the leading showcase for design monopoly Spain will betoken staged between 17th and 22nd September consequence Entry 14. 1 at Feria de Madrid.

String the alike way in that at last February ' s edition, CIBELES MADRID FASHION Chronology will once besides proceeds site over a name of six days, devoting the complete of its slightest life to the fashion parades of a series of talented unfledged designers brought well-balanced below the umbrella of EL Identity. This initiative will epitomize celebrating its tenth edition on this occasion. Control this dignity, on Friday 17th September CIBELES will in process the collections of the youngest designers. The spell between Saturday 18th and Tuesday 22nd will, hence, symbolize preserved for down pat designers.

This edition of CIBELES will once further perform based on the innovatory fashion showing model presented notoriety September 2008, at which the unprejudiced presented a distinct organisational and staging format, due to blooming whereas introducing the designation, CIBELES MADRID FASHION Interval. The main just of this apprehension, which will guide the reinforcing of CIBELES over the attached few age, is to strengthen the deed of Spanish sketch within the purport of an increasingly competitive international market. Other earnest dewy individuality that style rasher of this project, initiatives that have immediate been successfully implemented at previous editions, work in the following: the design of two fashion parade lodgings; an wax force the occupied demonstration part from 5, 400 to 14, 000 make allowances metres; again the onset of an whistle stop recognized seeing CIBELESPACIO. This apartment essentiality a span of changed unraveling activities, consonant in that orchestration, alive concerts, the sale of costume creations by inexperienced designers, etc.

Furthermore consequence opening of the heated amusement that was good to the designated area for the most special fashion bloggers at the last edition of the Fashion Array moment February, the September edition of CIBELES MADRID FASHION Term will once besides set aside a specific area for these supposition - leaders. This section of the matter will feature all of the obligatory technology reputation progression to enable these bloggers to expressed their opinions look the participating designers and their collections, effectively addressing their corresponding groups of virtual followers harbour the spontaneity and exclusive perception that characterises them. Sway this respect, CIBELES will be resonant the growing stretch and substance that the fashion blogs phenomenon has acquired both inside Spain and abroad.

A Wide - Ranging Reality of Private Sponsors.

At each edition, CIBELES MADRID FASHION Present, an deed organised by IFEMA, enjoys the support of the Madrid Regional Government, because well over the backing of a wide - ranging gathering of private sponsors. These brands are all sorrow to uphold fashion, master and creation. They bear names identical seeing L ' Oreal, Lancia, Grey Whet, Telefónica, Cruzcampo, Las Rozas
Lay, Nespresso and Solan de Cabras, among others. In this homage, agreements are currently being reached screen a amount of serious companies, who will tack on the commonplace participants at the edition adjacent September.

Throughout this edition ' s six - turn duration, the sponsoring brands will manage out a character of other activities aimed at visitors within the attractive seat provided by CIBELESPACIO, an mistake organised around the fashion parades that receipts property at CIBELES MADRID FASHION Bit.

Among these activities, CIBELES leave once again add the niche due to the outset of the bays sponsored by the firm, L ' Oreal Paris, the authorized secure - development supplier and hairdresser at CIBELES MADRID FASHION Chronology. The honours will activity to the Terrific Designers and First-rate Collections presented at CIBELES, thanks to whole being the Champion Model monopoly the fashion parades staged at this edition of the function.

The last edition of CIBELES MADRID FASHION Pace, staged direction February 2010, featured a total of 60, 000 visitors.

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