Fashion Show: Sensual and Shunga is LP33.3 Inspired

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sensual and Shunga is LP33.3 Inspired

The Australian label LP33.3 is an exceptional fashion brand praising femininity with all attributes from the designs to the use of fabrication. The latest collection for the Spring 2012 season is highly inspired by evocative Shunga woodblock prints originating from 18th century Japanese heritage, and the sculpture work of Australian artist Rosalie Gascoigne.
 Titled with the poetic name “The White Sun”, the collection hallmarks the fascination over Gascoigne’s works expressing the symbolic meaning of weather beauty on large-scale installations with polarized hues and sharp lines equivalently illustrating brazen modernity. The collection portrays the essence of nature, light reflections, and the relationship between air and space through the languid and fluid shape of fabrics. The intimacy of ensembles plays a vital role with the emphasis on movement swathing the body. It seems like the apparel subtly moves and envelops the body with every step.
Such a body–garment relationship is flawlessly translated by the inspiration taken from erotic Japanese woodblock prints with characteristic “state of undress”. This is a very suggestive feature of covered/uncovered parts of the body outlining the intimacy and mysterious sensuality. It can be an exposed leg or bare shoulder portrayed by quite a nonchalant way of dressing. It may have quite a seductive power when composed with liquid silk layers, delicate mesh of lace or a restructured form of kimono. The selection of lightweight and soft fabrics – sand-wash silk, billowing organza, flowing washed georgettes, Swiss cotton voile compose very sensual element as well. While delicate net lace and sheer wool gauze accentuate the diaphanous effect.

Another crucial point is hidden in the palette of the collection setting bold color blocking, graphic distinction and subtle, pastel tones of rich neutrals. As a result, there is a division of concept between nature-inspired sculptures by Rosalie Gascoigne and the shades of pure whites and earth neutrals commonly used in woodblock techniques. What is mesmerizing, the collection that is brimful with womanly power consists of silhouettes that form a blend of masculine tailoring and relaxed feminine form. With the day–to–night approach the clothing has a versatile touch adjusting to the circumstance of dress code.

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  1. Gorgeous designs! So inspiring! I love salmon and beige shades mixed up with black accents!