Fashion Show: H&M for men next year

Friday, November 18, 2011

H&M for men next year

Despite the fact that winter 2011 is yet to begin and that the fast fashion retail model depends on getting you excited about what’s in store now not at a distant point in the future, H&M have already revealed their interpretation of men’s spring 2012 fashion.

So what’s does the retailer have in store for guys for the season?
Plenty that feels familiar and plenty that is heavily influenced by the year’s emerging menswear trends.

Thus you’ll find relaxed cuts sitting alongside slim ones. The quality of the casual tailoring certainly doesn’t look like anything to write home about, but visually it presents good overtones of the 1920s fashion revival we’re expecting. Even further down the relaxed-fashion ladder you’ll find plenty of early season outerwear, with cropped parkas a strong look for the season. The strongest visuals, however, lie in two key areas: a much needed continuation of this season’s burned colour trend and a heavy injection of tailored shorts extending into short suits. Tailored shorts and short suits are a much needed element of a chap’s wardrobe for scorching days of high-summer, and few fast-fashion brands approach them from the right angle. H&M certainly have.

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