Fashion Show: Womens Collection by Fashion Designer Hussein Chalayan Launches the Animatronic Fashion Era

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Womens Collection by Fashion Designer Hussein Chalayan Launches the Animatronic Fashion Era

Twice nominated “British Designer of the Year”, Hussein Chalayan is renowned for his innovative usage of material and propensity towards integrating them with new technologies. Is this the fashion of the future?

Fashion can show the spirit of an entire era. From the XIX century until now, we have witnessed the transformation of fashion. What was once a tailor is now considered a stylist: a person who interprets contemporary fashion into a full, modern outfit. Then there are a few stylists whose designer clothing become famous around the globe such as Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Thomas Burberry ( inventor of the material that is water proof and doesn’t rip ), and some of the most popular such as Mary Quant, the inventor of the mini skirt.

Now designer Hussein Chalayan is manufacture a mark rule the fashion cosmos keep secret his hi - tech collections, which have prompt the era recognized as “Animatronic Fashion. ” Chalayan has unfolded his collections reputation popular museums such as the Tate Modern, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the Kyoto Clothing Institute. The creations of Chalayan let fall his inspiration contracted to anthropology, history, science, philosophy, and technology. His models torpid a unique type of corset that is connected adumbrate cables that are able to morph the clothing. By pressing a button, a designated adjustment can involve the clothes, manufacture them gaze fairly variant than the antecedent mold. The technology allows remote dresses to contract, beggarly ones to loosen, and yawning jackets to stuffy.

Hussein Chalayans garments have their concede “soul” and a pseudonym: ‘Afterwords’. The image is based on ‘wearing portable architecture’, and unaffected demonstrates to us how furniture can relate itself into garb; ‘Airborne’ uses LED technology to further enhance dresses completely secluded by Swarovsky crystals; ‘Before Forfeit Now’ is a fabric that is imaginary from the corresponding material used to beget airplanes – which changes configuration thanks to a strings from a distance. ‘Readings’ was built veil higher than 200 lasers which generate a egotistic flashing show.

The “Animatronic Fashion” might seem far away, but teeming stylists have been inspired by Chalayans art and are working stable ergo that this project can materialize into something epic.

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