Fashion Show: Six Collection Latest Clothing & Accessories Shoe.hoe

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Six Collection Latest Clothing & Accessories Shoe.hoe

Brand accessories from Indonesia, Shoe.hoe re-launch the latest collection. Besides accessories, brand fronted by Soetjipto Hoeijaja it also released a collection of men's and women's lines and No'mi No'om.

1. Theme
For the winter collection 2011, Soetjipto Hoeijaja took the theme 'Culture's Confession'. This theme describes the relationship between people with such a fellow as well as with the surrounding environment, culture and more.
2. Red line
In a similar theme, the collection soe.hoe (bags and accessories), no'om (menswear) and no'mi (women's clothing) have unity of inspiration and the red line character designs are similar.

3. Chinese culture
The collection takes its natural and cultural nuances that thick Asia, especially China. Can be seen in the collection and no'mi no'om using mao collar (mandarin collar) and the cheongsam.

4. man
For the men's collection, mao collar blazer comes with a modern yet with a leather accessory ingredients. This ornament became iconic display for this season.

5. woman
As for women, the whole collection takes inspiration from menswear but continued to show the nature of a sexy and elegant woman.

6. flagship store
All three labels (no'om, no'mi and soe.hoe) can be found at two flagship store is located at Level One Grand Indonesia. The first flagship store (soe.hoe) will be devoted to the various bags and accessories, while the second will offer a clothing boutique men and women (no'om and no'mi).


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