Fashion Show: 15 Shots From Crazy-Amazing Copenhagen Fashion Week

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

15 Shots From Crazy-Amazing Copenhagen Fashion Week

And you thought Berlin Fashion Week was weird. Copenhagen, like other second-tier fashion cities, has a freer, more eff-it-all attitude when it comes to catwalk life than some of its bigger, stodgier counterparts. And that basically means two things:
(1) Its designers, models, and attendees appear to have a lot more fun, and
(2) there's no such thing as sending something ugly down the runway — just pieces that are arty, experimental, boundary-defying, or all of the above. But never ugly.

This particular Copenhagen Fashion Week, which ended in Denmark yesterday, saw more than 100,000 spectators turn out to watch 220 models walk a mile-long, hot-pink runway. They wore collections from nearly 200 Scandinavian brands, and did so despite heavy rains and broken heels. Click ahead to see pics from the Guinness World Record–setting feat, as well as the week's other fashion shows, including Moods of Norway, Ivan Grundahl, and Atmosphere.

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