Fashion Show: Summer Fashion Block Printed Crepe Saree

Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer Fashion Block Printed Crepe Saree

Women Fashion, 2010 Women Crepe features among the most popular Fashion for women fabrics made from silk yarn. The softer version of crepe is called ‘crepe the chine’. Lustrous in visual appeal, crepe silk has a glamorous sheen and an excellent drape. It has a slippery smooth texture, with a crisp appearance. Crepe is woven from hard spun yarn in its natural condition. The fabric, when woven, is smooth and even. Once the resin is extracted, the fabric becomes soft, giving it a crimpy look. Sakhi uses this comfortable-to-wear, fluid silk to create designs that can be worn at all times.

One of the earliest and simplest methods of textile printing, Block printing is, very simply put, the printing of patterns on textile using incised wooden blocks. Block printing involves myriad steps, but the most important step is the preparation of the block which determines the quality and clarity of impressions. The block is then dipped in the desired dye and carefully placed adjacent to the preceding impression of the block as per the design. Block print is popular across many Indian states, each region being known for its own, unique variant. Sakhi gives a contemporary twist to block print by combining modern graphic designs with traditional Indian motifs. The key differentiating elements of the designer ensemble are the hues used in varied colour themes.


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