Fashion Show: Zara introduces its Winter / Fall 2010-2011 collection

Friday, August 27, 2010

Zara introduces its Winter / Fall 2010-2011 collection

The Fall has not arrived yet but Zara is ready for that season. Currently, the famous brand of the Inditex group is starting to introduce its new Autumn – Winter collection that will be available at the Zara stores around the world very soon.
This year, the Zara stores apparently are getting back to the basics by proposing the absence of complexity as a sign of elegance. This concept was used to produce a set of clothing pieces targeted to those women who want to feel comfortable and stylish in their clothes.
The collection includes knitted sweaters that can be easily combined with any kind of jean. Also, blazers and jackets with two vertical rows of buttons and wide sleeves that have been designed to hang properly but without obstructing the movements of your hands.
This is a very practical collection for women who do a lot of activities each day but want to look beautiful all the time.

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